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Hotel Bentley Preservation Society

Mission: The Hotel Bentley Preservation Society exists to further the preservation, advancement and appreciation of the Hotel Bentley through engaging experiences which celebrate the history and grandeur of central Louisiana's premier historical property - the Hotel Bentley being a key component to Alexandria's downtown revitalization.

At the November 2018 meeting of the board of the Historical Association of Central Louisiana, the beginning of a concept becoming a reality occurred as the above mission statement was approved for the Friends of the Hotel Bentley.

At the spring annual meeting of the association, the board plans to announce some exciting goals and projects that will support the mission.  If you are not a member of the HACL but would like to attend the annual meeting to hear this news, now is a great time to JOIN.

Celebrating 110 Years - 8/10/2018
20180810-Hotel Bentley-110-red bow.JPG
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