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The Historical Association of Central (The HACL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, formed in 1975, as a partnership of members who share a common interest in preserving our local history in central Louisiana for future generations.  In its early formative years, the HACL helped initiate work on a Historic Preservation Ordinance for Alexandria and began sponsoring tours of historic sites and buildings in Central Louisiana. 


One of the major objectives of the HACL over the years was to preserve historic sites and properties, beginning with attempts to preserve the landmark Texas and Pacific Railroad Station on Jackson Street in Alexandria from the path of Interstate 49 in the late 1970s.  The station was not preserved, but its significant architectural elements were incorporated into the construction of the A-Trans bus terminal at the foot of Murray Street.Succesful initiatives over the years include advancing the preservation of the Bennetville Plantation House and Store, the Conerly Plantation House, and assisting in establishing the Alexandria Garden District as a National Register Historic District. 


The HACL's purposes include much more than preservation of historic architecture.  The HACL strives to reach its goals through bringing together people interested in encouraging and stimulating awareness of Central Louisiana's history and heritage; through providing printed information and public programs on local history; promoting discovery, collection, and preservation of materials which reveal and showcase Central Louisiana history; encouraging and seeking private and public ownership of historic properties within Central Louisiana, especially those which are threatened by destruction or neglect, and the restoration of such properties; sponsoring tours that promote the tourism-potential of Central Louisiana; and cooperating with other groups of historical interest in Central Louisiana, the State of Louisiana, and the nation.

The board of the HACL meets bimonthly to discuss matters and issues which reflect the goals of the organization.  Memberships in the organization are renewed yearly, and an annual meeting is held every spring, to which members are invited.


Current officers are:

  • President - Charles Charrier

  • Vice-President - John McDaniel

  • Secretary - Sidonie McDaniel

  • Treasurer - Donna Charrier

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