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of the Year Awards

  • 2019 - Save the Dairy Barn at Buhlow Lake; Mike Johnson, Dave Curry

  • 2017 - Mayor Jacques Roy; Harry Silver; Pat and Randalle Moore; Dr. Robert Rush; Oday Lavergne; Greg Gormanous; Charlotte and Ken Wasmer

  • 2016 - Dale Genius, Helen Moore, Mark Gravel

  • 2015 - Wayne Denley; Atwood’s Bakery; Michael Tudor; Andrea Warren

  • 2014 - John and Sidonie McDaniel; Bobby Hynson, et al; Inner City Revitalization Corporation (IRC)

  • 2013 - Father Chad Partain; Duana Juneau Trotter; Michael Jenkins

  • 2012 - The Grant Parish Police Jury; Ray and Judy Proctor

  • 2011 - Scott Brame; Ron Dorsey; The American Red Cross represented by Leann Murphy

  • 2010 - John and Sidonie McDaniel; Tracey and Tammy Thames; Tommy and Ana Cupples

  • 2009 - Jim and Frances Hurst; Dan and Kris Brenner

  • 2008 - Mike and Jenny Jenkins; Jam and Maureen Downs; and Kenneth and Charlotte Wasmer

  • 2007 - Dr. William and Mrs. Rosemarie Macklin; Shannon Nolan; Galen Bohannon; Horatio Isadore

  • 2006 - Scott and Kathryn Anderson; Sterling Bain, Jr.

  • 2005 - Dr. Michael and Mrs. Amy McGinity; Judge Richard Starling; Buddy Tudor

  • 2004 - Alfred and Coralie Cook

  • 2002 - Paul and Emily Smith; Bob and Helen Paul; Dick and JoBetty Sterkx

  • 2001 - Billy King; The Alexandria Garden District Foundation

  • 2000 - Oberia Price 


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