Download and complete the attached form and submit along with check for amount based on membership category to:



1937 Jackson St.

Alexandria, LA 71301

We realize that this is an antiquated way of joining; but, this is an historical association.


In the future, we plan to add an online form and method of payment.  But in the meantime, participate in this "old fashioned" way of joining.

Why should you join?
  1. Preservation and history are fun.

  2. Preservation links the past with the present and future.

  3. Preservation is good business.

Membership benefits include:
  • The joy of seeing and being a part of historic properties experiencing a new birth and taking on a new life

  • Invitation to "members only" functions

  • Annual Christmas Party and an annual meeting at a historic property

  • Distinguished lecture series

  • Tax deductible donations

  • Input on potential projects

  • Information sharing on business and tax aspects of preserving historic properties

  • Forging friendships and associations with other state and municipal historic preservation groups



1937 Jackson St.

Alexandria, LA 71301


T:  318-448-3952


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The Historical Association of Central Louisiana